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Usually, after curling, you should refrain from washing your hair for 48 hours to allow the perm lock solution to work fully, efficiently, and effectively.

1. Should use shampoo that formulated for perm or for chemically treated hair.
2. Avoid using extreme heat to curl hair. As it will make your hair dryer.
3. Always use Leave-in hair moisturizing or hair styling lotion to maintain curling.
4. Do not use keratin shampoo or coconut oil. As this may loosen the curls.

Volume perming can last 4-6 months, or some even longer depends on how you nurture your curl.

Recommended to Volume Digital Perm and request for Bouncy type. Increase hair texture, add volume and soft plentiful to your hairstyle.

We would recommend our customers who have wavy hair problems to Straightening with Curl-ends style. For easy styling and beautiful curls, the root straightening will result in a no-frizz result, adding volume and beautiful curls at the ends.

There are 2 styles of digital curling C-curls. Korean C-Curl will give beautiful curls, adding volume and hair texture. While, Korean C-Layer curls will give a looks of light and natural.

Oppa perm is recommended, for curls that are not very curly, look modern with volume effect.

Korean style digital perm use a large perming rod to make a loose, not too tight curl. Thus, the Korean style perm will be last for 3-5 months, depending on how you nurture it.

Introducing digital perm, SW-Curl, this style can be set by yourself at home. If well nurture, This type of perm can be last 8-10 months or more.